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Mercury Retrograde in Vedic Astrology

Mercury Retrograde – The Good News

Mercury begins the first of its three annual retrogrades for 2020 on February 16  and ends about three weeks later on March 9. 

Most people dread these retrogrades as communications fall apart, travel becomes difficult, and legal matters never seem to be resolved. 

While we can certainly whine and blame Mercury retrograde for awhile, there are actually some beneficial opportunities for all of us during this time.

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Mercury is retrograding through the Vedic sign of Aquarius this time, and depending on your Vedic moon, sun, or rising sign, there are some things that go well during this period.

For a most accurate reading, read these descriptions based on your Vedic Moon sign. If you don’t know that, then use your Vedic rising sign. If you don’t know that, then you can use your Vedic Sun sign based on your birth date (remember your Vedic sun may be the sign previous to your Western Sun sign).

Read these descriptions for your Moon sign, rising sign (ascendant), or Sun sign to find out how Mercury’s retrograde may affect you the next three weeks:

ARIES (April 14-May 15) – Mercury is retrograding through the area of your life connected to your friends, groups, and goals. During this time, you may renew old friendships and have friends from the past re-enter your life. You may return to some group activities or communities of people that were important to you in the past. And you may revisit goals in your life again that you have previously abandoned or put on hold.

TAURUS (May 15-June 15) – Mercury is going backwards through your career now. It’s a good time to reconsider career opportunities or work that you enjoyed or have been successful with in the past. If you have been out of work or retired, perhaps return to a previous occupation on a part-time basis may bring benefits.

GEMINI (June 15-July 16) – Mercury is in the area of long distant travel, higher education and teachers for you. Some rewards by returning to a foreign or remote place, completing a put-aside educational goal, or studying with a teacher from your past.

CANCER (July 16-August 17) – Did you ever have a favorite research project or a desire to find out more about the past? Or perhaps there was a transformational practice in your life that brought you some needed changes? Check that out again – Mercury is pointing that way!

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LEO (August 17-September 17) – Relationships, relationships, relationships. Old relationships ask to be reconciled or reignited.  Be aware that a past relationship might turn up again, only to disappear when Mercury ends its retrograde.

VIRGO (September 17-October 17) – This is an excellent time to take care of past health issues. You can be very proactive now with your health. If not, then you may find that an old health issue comes back again for you to deal with – but this time, you may out it to rest forever.

LIBRA (October 17-November 16) – Did you ever start writing a book, painting a picture, composing a song, or tried to start a flower garden? All previous creative projects that went astray now can be picked up and completed during this time. Sometimes your adult children may decide it’s time to visit you again – or if you are lucky (or unlucky), live with you again.

SCORPIO (November 16-December 16) –  Home repair projects go well now (but not new additions). Also, this is one of the best times to declutter your house and cleans out closets and attics. If that does not excite you, then this is also a time to see you mom again (or clean out the closets).

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SAGITTARIUS (December 16-January 14)– Generally Mercury retrograde can create some travel problems. However, during this time short journeys that can be completed in a day to places outdoors that you enjoyed before can be rewarding, This can be a good time to reach out to a neighbor (or sibling) that you have not spoken with for some time.

CAPRICORN (January 14-February 13) – Family and childhood places where you grew up may present themselves for reconsideration. You may also want to create (or revise) a will or check to see if there is anything in your family regarding inheritances that can be productively addressed.

AQUARIUS (February 13-March 14) – Mercury’s retrograde is happening right in the area of your identity and how others see you, as well as your physical health. Could be a good time for a makeover or a rediscovery of how you want to present yourself in the world. And an excellent time to return to positive health practices and activities that may have been ignored.

PISCES (March 14-April 14) – Meditate, meditate and meditate. Mercury is bringing you opportunities to return to a successful meditation practice, perhaps a specific one you have done in the past. On a completely weird note, this is an excellent time to have your shoes repaired or buy vintage footwear.