Kundalini … At Home!


For the last two years, many people have discovered the joys of Kundalini Yoga without ever leaving their home.

On computer and phone screens around the world, people are doing “breath of fire” and saying “Sat Nam” who have never done either before. 

For good or better, Kundalini Yoga is now more likely to be experienced online than in person.

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And while we are coming back together in yoga classes, many others are choosing to study with teachers from around the world online and meeting other students beyond their geographical and cultural background.

My wife and I have trained nearly 1,000 students to become Kundalini Yoga teachers over the last 25 years, many of them in our hometown of Austin, Texas.

After moving to online trainings recently, we have now taught students from China, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Philippines (Hi Jenny!), Australia, Canada, England, France, and around both rural and urban America.

Online teaching is about to get larger, not smaller, and training online to learn to teach online (and in person!) is a good fit for many people.

Practicing meditations online is especially powerful as you are able to remain in your own contained environment and “ashram.” 

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Here is one of our favorite online meditations to share:


Experience Your Pranic Body

This meditation allows you to connect and meditate on your own flow of energy or prana. It is super relaxing and so good to relax in your own home after you complete it!

  • Sit in an easy meditative posture with eyes closed.
  • Extend the two index fingers out in front of your chest.
  • Cross the middle joint of your right index finger on top on the middle joint of your left index finger. (Right hand faces down, left hand faces up).
  • Inhale slowly through the nose.
  • Exhale out through the mouth in a stream directed at the crossed fingers. You should feel the breath moving over the fingers. It may eventually feel cool or even cold.
  • Continue inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the rounded lips over the fingers for up to 11 minutes.
  • Relax the hands and meditate on the flow of energy within and around you.

Want to learn how to teach Kundalini Yoga in person or online?

Our 100% online Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training course will give you international certification!

Online Kundalini Teacher Training

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