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Winter Solstice & Mercury Retrograde in Vedic Astrology

Winter Solstice and You Lose Your Brain

This Winter Solstice brings a powerful Sun-Saturn conjunction in the Vedic sign of Sagittarius and the Nakshatra of Mula.

Sagittarius is the sign of higher knowledge and dharma. When the Sun (Soul) conjoins with Saturn (Meditation), there is a powerful opportunity to go into the root of our psyche (which is represented by the nakshatra called Mula – the root or base).

We can dive deep into our psyche and uncover any basic conflicts that exist between doing our dharma, knowing our soul’s purpose, and living in a world constrained by time and form (Saturn), also referred to as “making a living” in order to keep the soul and body together.

With the current position of Ketu (the planet of past karma) in the sign of Capricorn (the career-oriented sign), we may expect a turning point this Winter Solstice in how we choose to spend our time and use our life energy in the world around us.

It’s a good time to meditate on the question, “what is my job and what is my purpose and how can they be one and the same?”

Mercury Goes Retrograde – Say Goodbye to Your Brain

For those who are well acquainted with the tricks mischievous Mercury plays upon us during its retrograde, perhaps all I need to say is:

  • Starts December 3.

  • Ends December 23.

  • No whining.

  • Get ready to take all your presents back after Christmas.

Why do we experience misdirection and miscommunication during a Mercury retrograde? Because Mercury is your analytical thinking mind that’s capable of discerning what is the best course of action. Except when it is retrograde and the mind acts completely unexpectedly.

It is as if your brain left you – and actually the left hemisphere of the brain does go haywire during this time. You simply are not thinking clearly and then you blame Mercury retrograde.

In reality, the problem is that you have become so dependent upon Mercury – the thinking mind – to make your decisions for you, you may have forgotten how to use your feeling mind, your intuition.

Most of the problems during a Mercury retrograde happen because you are not paying attention to your intuition (represented by the Moon), and your analytical mind is on a three-week vacation.

The retrograde period is a great time to develop your intuition through meditation, and pay attention to the underlying subtleties of what is said and what needs to be done. Reason and logic alone will not work.

As our friend Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy) once said,


“Logic is the beginning of wisdom – not the end.”