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Your Birthday Planet in Vedic Astrology

What’s Your Birthday Planet?

Many people know their Sun sign (at least their Western Sun sign), but only a few know their birthday planet. Your birthday planet is determined by the day of the week you were born on, and in Vedic astrology this is called Vara. The birthday planet is the planet that is said to rule, or own, that day. For example, the Sun “owns” Sunday, so people born on a Sunday have the Sun as the birthday, or Vara, planet in Vedic astrology. The idea that the days of the week are associated with the planets is actually present in many cultures. Even the names of the weekdays often have similar sounds in other languages, which are derived from planets associated with the various mythological archetypes. In almost all the different systems of astrology and mythologies, the seven visible planets are associated with the seven days of the week as follows:
  • SUNDAY – Sun
  • MONDAY – Moon
  • TUESDAY – Mars
  • WEDNESDAY – Mercury
  • THURSDAY – Jupiter
  • FRIDAY – Venus
  • SATURDAY – Saturn
  It’s rather simple to find out the day of the week you were born. My book Astrology Yoga has a chart table you can use and many “day of the week” calculators are on the internet. Once you discover the day you (or your friends or your partner) were born, see how much the following descriptions, taken from various Vedic astrology sources, match your expectations. Remember this is only “cookbook astrology” where you follow a recipe and can only get one of seven results. In reality, everyone has many other astrological dynamics that will modify and supplement these descriptions. Find your birthday planet and please remember these descriptions are from old texts and are mostly just for fun – yet sometimes uncannily accurate. As a bonus, the various Vedic deities associated with your birthday planet are also given.  
Sunday (Sun) – Deities- Surya, Agni, Shiva, and Vishnu Those born on Sunday are bright, attractive, honey colored complexion, with a contracted body and may possess an inquisitive and active mind. Sun natives are successful, famous, powerful, and may have issues with anger or interest in warfare. They may display gifts in the fine arts and are loved by females. They may have a pitta ayurvedic constitution and belong to the warrior caste. Monday (Moon) – Deities – Chandra, Parvati and Shakti Natives born on Monday are intelligent, have a sensitive nature, are happy and soft with a bright body. They are good public speakers (if they overcome their shyness), have interest in the fine arts, and get appointments and recognition through the government. They are knowledgeable of the scriptures and are learned. They may suffer from phlegmatic diseases and have interest in older women and married people. The person may have a kapha or vata constitution. Tuesday (Mars) – Deities – Skandha, Subrumanyian and Rudra People born on Tuesday are endowed with great strength, and are daring, quick minded and intelligent. They are usually short statured and small chested, yet have good longevity. They can be angry and cruel tempered, but they can exhibit a forgiving nature. They are good commanders and leaders with an interest in military or active lifestyles. They may have a prominent pitta constitution. Wednesday (Mercury) – Deities – Vishnu, Buddha and Saraswati Those born on Wednesday are attractive and learned, with an interest in the sciences, music and the fine arts. They are gifted with their hands and speech. They often excel in trade and commerce which brings wealth. They are respectful toward religion and gurus and are capable of following good advice. They are often vata in nature or have a balanced constitution. Thursday (Jupiter) – Deities – Brihaspati, Ganesha, Indra, Dakshina Murthi Those born on Thursday are successful, wealthy, and well liked. They are loved by their teachers, family, and receive gifts from the government. They may have prophetic gifts and can be experts in many fields of knowledge. They are endowed with good qualities and respected. They are good counselors and advisors. They may tend to be of a kapha nature with long hands and feet. Friday (Venus) – Deities – Lakshmi, Shukra, Lalita Devi, and Ganesh People born on Friday are usually attractive, pleasant, have curly hair and are loved by all. They are respectful toward religion and gurus. These natives are very intelligent and gifted in music, dance, drama, and literature. They are good teachers, writers, and poets. They may be fickle at times and can be involved in secret works or affairs. They like to wear white and pastel colors. They enjoy flowers and scents. They tend to be kapha in constitution and may suffer from phlegmatic diseases. Saturday (Saturn) – Deities – Shani, Shiva, Kali and Yama, Durga Natives born on Saturday are often tall with thick skin and nails. They are slow but determined thinkers. They enjoy traveling and may have the opportunity to visit foreign lands. They can have a short temper and be stubborn. They tend to mature quickly but can possess good longevity. A vata nature with wind problems such as lung and skin disorders may result.  

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