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Venus in Virgo in Vedic Astrology

Virgin Lover: Venus In Virgo

August begins with Venus entering the Vedic sign of Virgo where it remains all the way until the end of the month.

Venus is the planet of sensuality and love while Virgo is the modest virgin.

Think something might be up this month? You are correct.  


Venus experiences its debilitation, or greatest challenge, when in Virgo. Here are some guidelines to making this month work better for you.

When a person is born with Venus in the sign of Virgo, it is said to create a person who filters their feelings through their intellect. They are sometimes more concerned with analyzing their emotions and relationships instead of allowing their heart to lead their mind.

Venus in Virgo can also make us critical of our partners and of ourselves in a relationship. You may think you only want to tell your partner how to improve the relationship, but trust me: You will often be perceived as a critical nag and a constant complainer.

If you are looking to begin a relationship this month (or re-invent one), be aware that your negative mind may be so protective that you will dismiss possibilities and overlook the positive aspects of a relationship partner.

Sexual passion could be a challenge, if you wish to play the shy modest virgin, but deep down Venus in Virgo really does want to have fun and can be successful in turning off the mind when they themselves become turned on.

Yet for all the challenges that Venus in Virgo can bring us this month, there are some positive possibilities.

You may be able to take a more detached view of an emotional situation, keeping it at mind’s length so to speak, and achieve a real breakthrough in “understanding” someone or yourself.

Venus in Virgo is a wonderful time to talk through relationship issues, and an excellent time to receive (or offer!) relationship counseling.

Venus is made happier when you wear its color of white, especially beautiful white silk, and if you have any clear or rose quartz malas (or diamond or silver jewelry) wear it for the sake of Venus.

Failing that, give yourself (or someone you love) an unexpected bouquet of flowers with a handwritten note (even if it’s for yourself!). Venus in Virgo will love you up for that.


And simply be patient.

On September 1, Venus leaves Virgo for its favorite Vedic sign of Libra and relationships and love blossom all over again.