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Your Astrological Karma is Coming in Vedic Astrology

Your Astrological Karma Is Coming

Vedic astrology, the astrology of the yogis, has long been used to help us understand our individual karmas and life purpose.

While all the planets represent when and how we need to work with our karmas, two planets specifically are the key to understanding our past and present karmic responsibilities. 

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In Vedic astrology there are two additional “planets” beyond the seven visible planets called Rahu and Ketu. These two planets are associated with solar and lunar eclipses and they hide and reveal the light of our soul (Sun) and mind (Moon).

As an astrologer, I always examine where Rahu and Ketu are in a birth chart to better understand an individual’s soul journey – where they have been and where they may need to go.

Like the other planets, Rahu and Ketu move through the signs of the zodiac. They take about 18 years to go through all the signs, so that means every year and a half they enter a new sign and bring different areas of focus to the various karmas of our lives, both individually and collectively.

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Next month we are experiencing that karmic shift as Rahu and Ketu respectively enter the Vedic signs of Aries (the sign of the self) and Libra (the sign of relationships).

In general, we can say that the upcoming 18 months for everyone will bring into focus the karmic responsibilities for living harmoniously in a relationship while balancing our needs with the needs of our partner.

How do we allow our identity to be expressed within and through a relationship, and how do we experience our relationships as being supportive of our true self, our real identity? This is the question everyone gets to work with.

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And as for how specifically you are affected by this upcoming karmic sign shift based on your birth chart –- well, that’s what astrologers are for!

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Want to know more about how this karmic shift may affect your life?

 Mehtab and Tej are offering an online webinar this month, Your Karmic Moon Signs.

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