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The Sun Made Me Do It in Vedic Astrology

The Sun Made Me Do It

Summer Solstice arrives June 21 in the Northern hemisphere at 10:54 AM US Central time with the Sun in the Vedic sign of Gemini.

In Vedic astrology, the Sun enters Gemini on June 15 and remains there until July 16, so if you were born between these two dates, you have a Gemini Sun.

For most people, your Vedic Sun sign is usually the sign previous to your Western Sun sign, so Leos become Cancers, and Scorpios become Libras, and so forth, as you can discover when you look at the list of Vedic Sun sign dates later in this newsletter post.

So what does all this have to do with Summer Solstice? Simply this, every Summer Solstice (or more precisely every June 15 to July 16), the Sun affects the same area of your life, depending upon when you were born.

Want to find out more about what the Sun has been making you do all these years during this time?

Find the date when you were born and then read what mid-June to mid-July usually brings you!

Aries- April 14 – May 15

The Sun during the time of Summer Solstice leads to improvement in your health. You will feel more confident, motivated and ambitious. Finances improve and legal affairs go your way,

Taurus- May 15 – June 15

The Sun during the time of Summer Solstice brings authority to your words and shines a light on the family and early childhood. You may feel like acting more youthful during this time.

Gemini- June 15 – July 16

The Sun during the time of Summer Solstice brings attention to you. People will find you warm and generous; yet be mindful that your brightness may cause people to think you are arrogant or domineering.

Cancer- July 16 – August 17

The Sun during the time of Summer Solstice brings a desire for foreign travel as well as need for some retreat and solitude. While it is a good time for everyone to meditate around the time of the Solstice, it is an excellent and rewarding time for you to do so.

Leo- August 17 – September 17

Leos are the Sun and during this month, they really shine with groups of people. Gains come easily to you during this time, especially work-related income, an you can now accomplish some long-term goals.

Virgo- September 17 – October 17

One of the best months for your career and all public related activities. If you are aligned with your career, you can make great strides to advancement and recognition. If you are not happy with your work, you will feel a great need to make a change

Libra- October 17 – November 16

Summer Solstice brings you a deep desire for long-distance travel, particularly with a spiritual intention. Also a great time to do your dharma with a volunteer summer program. You may shine as a teacher or bathe in the light of one.

Scorpio- November 16 – December 16

The Sun and Solstice bring a renewed interest in esoteric knowledge, yoga, astrology, therapy, and research. You may experience a sudden change or deep transformation during this month – but as a Scorpio, you love it!

Sagittarius- December 16 – January 14

The Sun during this time of year brings a focus on your partner’s activities and presence. They may outshine you right now and it may be a good idea to go along with their plans. Don’t let the heat of summer fire up your relationship – be chilled, let them drive, and enjoy the ride.

Capricorn- January 14 – February 13

A super time for your health. Obstacles can disappear this month so nothing and nobody can stop you. Just know what you want, because you will probably get it!

Aquarius- February 13 – March 14

If you are a performer, an artist, writer or a creative individual, here comes your recognition! If you are a parent, one of your children may also be in the spotlight. You may have some strong opinions this month so be careful how you chose to share them.

Pisces- March 14 – April 14

You continue to be a person of mystery, but you will be the center of attention in your home should you choose to entertain. Avoid arguments with your mother (always good advice) and see if you can do some of your money-making work in your home environment.