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Mercury Retrograde in Vedic Astrology

Marvelous Mercury Retrograde

Well we might as well be excited about it!

Mercury is making its first retrograde of 2019 starting March 5.

Mercury’s retrograde journey takes it backward from the Vedic sign of Pisces and into Aquarius on March 15 (beware the Ides of March!) and then finally moves forward on March 28.

While a Mercury retrograde will affect everyone differently (depending upon their Vedic Moon sign or Rising Sign) and that is what an astrologer can tell you, everyone will experience the difference of this retrograde as it changes signs during the middle of its retrogression.

For the first 10 days in Pisces, this Mercury retrograde will be most challenging in our ability to distinguish fantasy from fact and in our use of reason with our intuition.

During these 10 days, you may find yourself conflicted or indecisive and revisiting past decisions you made since February 25th. Do not allow your present state of indecision cause you to go back on what you decided. All will become clear after March 15. These first 10 days of the retrograde, avoid becoming scattered or vacillating in your spiritual pursuits or being taken in by a false teacher. It may be hard to think pragmatically or come up with that ideas bring practical success.

You could experience new health issues around the lungs and skin, yet issues you have had in those areas before the retrograde are finally resolved

And on a more practical shopping note, do not – do not – buy new shoes now. However, a great time to return unsatisfactory foot ware – how is that for astrological micromanagement!

During the last 12 days of Mercury retrograde (16th-28th), resist the temptation to over manage small details. The more you put your mind on others and not yourself, the happier you will be during this time. This is an excellent time to re-connect with spiritual friends and communities.

Most health problems during this time will be caused or exacerbated by a weak nervous system, so do your yoga and relax.

A most unfortunate time to buy any new technological or electrical equipment – more so than usual for a typical Mercury retrograde. However, this is the absolute best time to donate your used or outdated phones, computers, and so forth to a worthwhile humanitarian organization.

Finally, a Mercury retrograde is a perfect time to pull out and organize all the tax papers for 2018 – just don’t sign or file tat return until after 28th – of course!

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