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Rahu’s Back and Your Life Changes in Vedic Astrology

Rahu’s Back and Your Life Changes

Air travel interrupted, foreigners under suspicion, panic buying, and sweeping changes in our culture and society.

Welcome to 9/11. Yes – we are talking about September 11, 2001 when the airplane terrorist attacks changed our lives forever.

And we are also talking about today as well.

Why are we having a familiar re-run of events 18 to 19 years ago?

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Astrologically it is happening because a Vedic planet called Rahu (the north node of the Moon in Western astrology) is right back where it was during the 9/11 crisis.

Rahu is a shadow planet. It does not really exist but it creates the illusion of itself by stealing the light and energy of the other planets. Unlike the planets named after the gods and goddesses, Rahu is represented as a demon. It causes massive and unexpected changes, and in so doing forces us to examine the karma of our present actions and to see beyond the illusions that hide the reality.

On September 11, 2001 Rahu was in the Vedic sign of Gemini (9:13) and in the nakshatra of Ardra (think of the word “arduous”). 

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This nakshatra brings confusion, chaos and storminess, but it does so in an attempt to restore balance, like an overheated summer thunderstorm. The destruction it creates is to dissolve and balance out the karmas from this and previous lives. With it can come extreme changes and complete turnarounds.

Because Rahu is considered to be the ultimate “foreigner,” it takes the form of terrorists who invade or viruses that arrive from faraway. Because Gemini is an air sign and Rahu represents travel by air, this also creates chaos in this area.

Remember in all of this that Rahu is a master of illusion. He rules social media, the internet, smoke and mirrors, and all that give the illusion of reality while actually hiding it. Rahu definitely wants to be your friend on Facebook.

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When Rahu is active, mass media can become overwhelmingly addictive and contribute to the spread of psychogenic viruses. Regardless of the physical virus, we are now globally infected psychologically.

The purpose of Rahu in this current crisis (and in 9/11) is to challenge us to change long-held societal perceptions and make the needed cultural changes and adjustments in our consciousness in order to come back into balance.

And for how long? Will life change forever as it did post 9/11 or will it take us to breakthrough in how we treat and take care of ourselves and others?

Rahu will reach the exact point as it did on 9/11 on March 25, 2020.  It is likely that around that date we will also have an opportunity to rise even higher to the moment, culminating with Rahu’s conjunction with the Moon on March 31.

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As to when “normalcy” will return, or at least appear in its new form, we can expect (at least astrologically!) that when Rahu finally transits out of Ardra into the nakshatra of Mrigashira on April 22 the storm begins to clear. 

Healing will occur thereafter if we have developed a heightened sense of awareness and consideration for others that this new opportunity is bringing us.

For now, there is a storm of real or imagined proportions in process as Rahu travels through the nakshatra of Ardra, and so  it is time to navigate these days ahead with kindness, compassion and a daily spiritual practice.

Here’s to being together again on the other side ….