Too Many Gongs?

Is it possible to have too many gongs in your life?

Have you ever said during a gong relaxation where more than one gong was playing: “Stop! Stop! There are too many gongs! I can’t hear them all.”

Can you have too many gongs of your own to play? Do you yearn to become more than a “one-gong family”?

The answer to our Gong question this month is: Yes and No.

Yes, you can have too many gongs sometime when you are playing them. Even a great musician can only pick up and play so many different instruments during a playing session before they become distracted or the overall sound experience becomes too diluted or dissipated. 

In my personal experience as a player, I find that four is the optimum maximum number of gongs for me to play in a comprehensive manner. You can certainly play more gongs to create special effects, but actually weaving more than four gongs together has rarely seemed necessary.

Does that mean a gong player only needs four gongs? 

No, a gong player needs 50 gongs. Well, at least that is what I told my wife as I recently purchased Number Fifty this month (welcome home, little Uranus Gong!).

Seriously? Fifty gongs?

Every gong is different. Even the same type of gong has a different voice than one of the exact same size.

They are like kittens – each one is so incredibly cute and unique that you want to adopt them all. And even though you may only play four at a time, think of the fun of doing that over and over and never repeating the same combination of four.

Okay – perhaps 50 gongs are too much. Although I am not ready to fully admit that yet. So I will give a warning to those gong players who have one gong and still want another.

Buy a second gong. Even buy a third gong. But once you buy that fourth gong, you are on a never-ending road to Gong obsession that is never ending until perhaps you find that you now have gongs stashed under your bed and hanging on every wall of your house.

On the other hand …

Listening to more than four gongs – even listening to more than 50 gongs is not too much. The more gongs, the merrier because gongs love to be around each other and be played together.

Collectively, unlike very few other musical instruments, many gongs played by many people can create a beautifully melded soundscape with a group frequency that can take you beyond the beyond.

I have been in rooms (large rooms) where 40 to 50 gongs were played at the same time. It was not too many gongs.

Again – the question: Too many gongs?

You get to decide. And that is fun!

Want to experience over 20 gongs being played together? Come to our Full Moon Gong Circle! Bring your own gong or just bring yourself and listen!

Full Moon Gong Circle

Saturday, October 12th


Want a second, third, fourth or fiftieth Gong? Come to my massive Gong Show and Sale with two dozen gongs that you can try and buy! (Don’t worry – I still have my 50 stored safely at home!)

Epic Gong Show and Sale!

Sunday, October 13th

Come try and buy from a selection of over 20 new and vintage Gongs!
All types, all sizes and ready to take home – stands and mallets also available.
It’s a once in a year (lifetime) opportunity to ship for gongs in person.
Door Opens at 5:30 pm – come early and bring money.
 Zero Gravity Studio 2919 Manchaca Suite 105A 
Austin, TX 78704 United States + Google Map